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We are selling cut flowers and preserved flower. Minamiharafarm.jp we have introduced about Minamiharafarm and products in a multi-site corresponding to the eight languages. default language of minamiharafarm.jp has become Japanese. By selecting the page top right of the national flag of the icon, you can select your preferred language.

preserved flower
Preserved flowers are fresh flowers and foliage that are specially processed to preserve their freshness for a long period of time. The preservation process was originally started with roses. But in recent years, various other flowers and foliage plants have been commercialized as preserved flowers. The variety of colors has also been diversified.

preserved flower
Moisture and nutrients of plants have been replaced with a special preservative solution. Plant tissues remain as they are, but watering is not required. The appearance and texture of preserved flowers strongly resembles real ones. The only difference may be the presence of colors that do not actually exist.
These preserved flowers are usually susceptible to humidity. If placed in a humid place, petals may become transparent. In that case, dry them again; then they will return to the original state.

Preserved flowers may deteriorate in an environment with repeated occurrence of humidity and dryness. Extreme dryness may cause cracks in petals. Direct sunshine may fade colors out, therefore do not put preserved flowers beside windows. In a humid place, dye compound may ooze. If placed in contact with cloth for a long time, color of preserved flowers may migrate.

Japanese preserved flowers are world famous. Minamihara farm, to be among the top level of manufactures, produces high quality preserved flowers. Their specialities are color variation and wide range of flowers. Just recently they have succeeded in producing moth orchid to be the top runner in the field.
Sendaigawa the center of the town is flowing through, it is rural areas where paddy is open along its tributaries river.
Sibi to the east, west and North of the three-way (Sibi) massif, Sibi hot springs of hot water springs at the foot of the mountain we have is called the alias “God of hot water” because it springs from the bottom of Sibi shrine hall of worship. Also in Sendaigawa and its tributaries in mid-May, several million animals firefly was held grandly every year dancing sightseeing ships and events on the riverbank, it is visited by many tourists every year.
We are engaged in production while enjoying the four seasons with a clean earth of such water in our company.
Please visit us once in those plantations.

We have been made mainly production of flowers, leafy for bridal in 16 buildings of greenhouse 5000 square meters on the site of 15000 square meters now. Greenhouse from Built in ’15 of pipe house, steel frame greenhouse, state-of-the-art made in France (Rissheru Co., Ltd.) has become from the greenhouse of greenhouse-Dutch Dutch light greenhouse, such as a wide variety.

Other related companies, it will be 6600 square meters Together with also 1600 square meters cultivated area of agricultural union corporation Kagoshima leaf.

To target the anniversary production shipped as bridal professional growers in southern Kagoshima also, so as to meet the needs of consumers to diversify, increasing year by year also production items we aim to scale-up, it was now also becomes about 30 types . We will also strive to delight is required for your future.

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